Know Everything about Design Home

The game is an inspiration source for many players as well as citizens also. Design Home is a simulation game and considers things related to house decorating like interior designing and home decorating. Its size is almost 69 MB and easily available for Android and IOS users. The game adds new types of furniture and new stuff every single time a week. By playing it regularly, it helps us in inclining our thinking skills and performance quality. It consists of high-end furniture and various decor brands. Regular playing of the game gives you some real-life ideas and ways to decorate a house.

Currency in the Game

Design home consists of three different types of in-game currencies. It helps in buying new and modern stuff to decorate the house recently. You should use the in-game currency more wisely. To earn enough amount of in-game currency you have to play the game as much as possible and by trying Design Home Cheats. The currency is used for purchasing house decorating materials like furniture, different types of designs and many other items also. There are three types of in-game currency in the game. Following are more details about the types of currency and the ways to earn them.

  1. Keys – The primary use of the keys is to enter the events. Mostly the events cost 25 keys, but some daily events cost 20 keys also. These can be used in two ways – by collecting the 20 keys that claim daily and to keeping more and more voting on challenges.
  2. Diamonds – These are used to buy accessory things like pictures, plants, and furniture also. Such items cannot buy with cash. Diamonds are not used to entering events. These are very difficult to earn so you should use them wisely. The Design Home provides you the 500 diamonds daily as in the form of a daily bonus.
  3. Dollars – It can only be used for buying furniture items. Dollars are paid to players when they participate in any event.

The game includes HD graphics, high-quality graphics, and better sound quality. Design Home sets the daily challenges for the players to enter the design room. You need more in-game currency to survive longer in it. It gives you some real life experiences and ideas which you also apply in your real house. Design Home is the leading game in this new era of the world. If you want to be the best player in the game, then you must play it daily.

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