Mafia City – Currency Guide


The popularity of Mafia City is mushrooming continuously only because of its great gameplay. Even the developers of the game are really happy to give this great game to the players. Therefore, if you are exploring a perfect game that includes thrill, then you should choose the option of Mafia City. There are lots of things which are important to be checked so it would be best for you.

If we talk about the currency of the game, then the name of gold comes on the apex. Therefore, you can easily get the gold and use it anywhere in the game. If you are beginning, then you must face a shortage in currency so simply use the Mafia City Hack in order to attain endless resources of the game.

How to get roses?

When it comes to upgrading the bases, players require the roses. Therefore, it will enhance the favor that is only possible by the player that cup the game. However, once you max it out, then you must need to take them the gift to grab the stars. In addition to this, by using the star, you will get a new skill of babe. Even 9 Roses are possible to grab on a daily basis so it would be really supportive for the players. Not only this, check out the Yacht in order to grab more Roses. Even you should check out the offers as well in order to get the advantages more and more.

Deal for rose

You may need to pay for the gold, so if you are going to spend 40 gold on the one rose then it would be advantageous for you. However, if you are going to pay 160 gold for the 3, then it would be tremendous. Instead of this, players always get resources production buff for more than 2 roses when these roses are available so it would be best for you making your gameplay more excising.

How to change the city in the game?

Players those are under the level of 6 can easily change the city for free. However, if you have not played more than 72 hours on the game, then you are not able to take more than 500k cash along with you.

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